Computer Processor

Supply of components

Supply chain management

We offer a comprehensive supply of components from world-class manufacturers

Transparent pricing provides for selecting suitable components together with the customer

Open BOM concept

A large volume of supplies provides for the best components prices for our customers

Special prices

Manufacturing management throughout the product lifecycle and end of life monitoring of components, including the selection of replacements

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) 

Procurement from manufacturers and global distributors

Direct contracts

Comprehensive analysis of the device and design documentation from the point of view of manufacturability to simplify manufacture, assembly, testing and servicing

DFM analysis

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Electronic components
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Printed Circuit Boards
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Displays and touch panels
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Electronic modules
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Sensors and optics
Primary and rechargeable batteries
Connectors and electrics
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Audit and supplier development

Audit and supplier development, combined with a well-functioning acceptance control, guarantee our customers the reliability and high quality of components.

If something goes wrong, the corrective measures will be planned and implemented

The main and additional suppliers are carefully selected in order to improve the competitiveness of the products

Multi-criteria evaluation of suppliers at the end of each report period, as well as systematic audit and development of suppliers