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Computer Processor

Components supply

Supply chain management

We fully supply BOM lists with components from major distributors and vendors in Europe, America, Taiwan and China


Buying power

By combining orders from multiple projects, we are able to negotiate the best prices and delivery terms for our customers


Sourcing team in Europe and China

Balancing between European and Chinese suppliers, it is possible to get the best offer on components, as well as gain access to extensive inventories of various distributors


Online inventory data

Data on the components inventory in the warehouse are maintained in the WMS system and are available to our customers at any time


Professional logistics services

Multimodal transportation from anywhere in the world, customs clearance in Europe, Turkey and China, delivery of challenging goods such as batteries, various certifications.



Сreating better supply chains is only possible in close cooperation with the customer and suppliers' teams. This requires mutual trust, openness, and, of course, proficiency. 

Three levels of supply planning

Estimating and forecasting
Operational planning

Electronic components

All major electronic components, from passive and discrete to complicated processors and FPGAs


Printed circuit boards

General 2-6 layer FR4 boards as well as HDI boards for computer motherboards and gadgets.

Displays and touch panels

Variety of LCD sizes with customized touch screens for them.  Different thickness, sensitivity, laminated or 3D shaped screens.


Sensors and optics

Combinations of required sensor and proper optics, with or without IR-cut option.


Batteries and packs

All major types and sizes of Lithium batteries as well as custom-made batteries or packs. 


Connectors and electromechanics

Standard and tailor-made connectors for every imaginable application.

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