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Image by Vishnu Mohanan

PCB assembly

SMT and THT components assembly

End-to-end support for the entire product lifecycle: from prototypes to mass production, rework and repair


Surface mount technology (SMT)

Full-size high speed SMT line based on brand new ASM Siplace chip shooters, equipped with inline SPI and AOI inspections. 


Trough-hole technology (THT) 

Manual components insertion with wave, selective or manual soldering. IPC 610A 2nd or 3rd class compliance.


In-circuit and functional testing

We design and build customized test fixtures and connect them to our manufacturing IT system, making the entire process reliable and traceable.


Rework and repair

If something went wrong and a large number of electronic modules need to be reworked by replacing or adding components, fixing defects or re-flashing software, we can help with that.



Good quality is always the result of standardized processes and a stable environment. This makes the production shop the most boring place ever. Because quality is boring.

Three pillars

  • IPC9850 standard performance - up to 450,000 components / hour​

  •  3D Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

  • Solder Paste Application Inspection (SPI)​

  • Mounting of BGA, mBGA, Flip-Chips and 01005 sized components

  • Mature ISO 9001 quality management system

  • IPC-A-610 second or third class compliance

  • Five levels of process audit, from  single workplace to entire organization

  • TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) approach to equipment maintenance

  • Rapid responding

  • Process reporting and IT systems integration

  • Inventory reporting

  • Online traceability


Modern equipment

Brand new equipment from ASM, Yamaha, Kohyoung, Nordson Dage, etc.


Stable environment

Temperature and humidity control, ESD protection based on S20.20 standard

Wealth of 

Experience in manufacturing of wide variety electronic modules from power inverters to motherboards



All boards are marked with QR-code and could be traced down to every component's lot and every production step

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