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PCB assembly

PCB Assembly

Modern PCB production provides for the environment control and technically complex modules manufacturing, including 01005 components, BGA packages, high density leads, as well as massive components

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• IPC9850 standard performance - up to 450,000 components / hour

• 3D Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) and 5D Solder Paste Application Inspection (SPI)

• Mounting of BGA, mBGA, Flip-Chips and 01005 sized components

The following types of PCB assembly are available

End-to-end support for the entire product lifecycle: from multi-board mounting for prototypes to efficient mass production

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Manufacturing performance quality standards

We believe that the quality of the final products depends directly on the production guidelines, and therefore we strictly enforce them.

ESD S20.20

Electrostatic Discharge Protection


Quality requirements for printed circuit boards supplied for production


Quality standard for electronic assemblies


Acceptance of cables and wire harnesses in electronic assemblies

IPC 7711/7721

Restoration, repair and modification of electronic assemblies

Device Examples


Tablet motherboard, 10 layers, components up to 0201

Flexible circuit board for automobile peripherals
Board with large transformers