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Mechanical design

Industrial and Mechanical Design

From an idea to a complete mechanical solution. We create for you technological, and functional products that look beautiful.


Industrial design

Development of functional, ergonomic and aesthetic features of the product. Feasibility study, sketching, clay modeling, layout development and 3d-modeling.


Mechanical Design

Designing sheet metal, cast aluminum and plastic parts. Rugged and waterproof enclosures. Manufacturing technology considerations, assembly cost optimization. Thermal analysis.


Rapid prototyping

Full-size operational prototypes are created to test and improve functionality and user experience. Quick evaluation prototypes are made in-house using FDM 3D printing, while customer evaluation prototypes are made using a combination of 3D printing, CNC milling, silicone molding and manual finishing.

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With our strong ties to mass production, we know how to develop reliable products while minimizing cost. 

"DANNIE.CC created a contemporary, functional and long-lasting design for our new device. We never expected that an industrial product could have such a beautiful appearance."

Plastic injection cabinets

Plastic injection cabinets

Enclosures of different sizes and materials, from tiny simple sensors to massive and complicated air cleaners.

Sheet metal cabinets

Sheet metal cabinets

Telecom switches, computers, servers, storages and even racks.

Rugged enclosures

IP68-certified designs using a combination of different materials, over-molding and various sealings.

Rugged enclosures


Airflow and thermal CAE analysis, vent holes and heatsink design, cooler selection.

Thermal analysis
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