Electronic Circuit

Final assembly

Final assembly

We carry out in-house assembly, inspection and testing. Advanced equipment ensures high specification accuracy and project quality on all production stages, even small and custom parts can be manufactured

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5S quality control of output products

Input quality control of components

Control by the operator during the product assembly

Visual inspection before packing

Selective inspection of finished product by the quality inspector

Product quality monitoring at all stages of assembly

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Assembly photos

Picking and delivery


Printing and signing shipping documents by the customer's power of attorney

Tracking the shipment status and dealing with problems

Picking according to the customer bills of lading and shipment to consumers using transport companies


Targeted storage of finished products, spare parts and components; required reserve control

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MES - Manufacturing Execution System

The production tracing system provides for constant control of each process and provide our customers with all the necessary information via a convenient dashboard that can be accessed from a smartphone.