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Redesign and DFM

Redesign for manufacturability (DFM)

The small but very valuable development services we do in addition to manufacturing.


Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is the first step in the redesign of electronic modules, when there is no complete design documentation or when you need to study the structure of competing products.


Design for manufacturing

Review the design of a product to optimize its components, materials, layouts, form and functionality through the most efficient manufacturing.


Redesign and upgrade

Almost any product needs to be redesigned or upgraded after a few years of release. Sometimes because of past mistakes are discovered, sometimes new user needs arise, or new technologies become available.



Learn from competitors as well as from other industries and perform regular product redesigns to stay at the forefront of technology

 Scope of work

  • List of electronic components (BOM list)

  • PCB layout mapping (up to 16 layers)

  • Reproduction of the circuit diagram

  • Development of a complete CAD project

Design for manufacturing
  • PCB design guidelines compliance

  • BOM optimizing for cost, lead times, components end of life

  • Mechanical design review, reducing visual defects and material waste and therefore optimizing cost

  • Assembly process optimization, reducing the time of manual operations, increasing the level of automation in assembly and testing 

  • Installation and repair productivity considerations

Redesign and
  • PCBA redesign, MCU replacement

  • Redesign of mechanics, tooling upgrades

  • Replacement of peripherals, including displays, touchpads, cameras, etc.

  • Packaging redesign

PCB DFM review

DFM review

PCB design analysis to reduce the risk of defects during its manufacture and further component soldering

BOM optimization

BOM optimization

Replacing risky components, such as those with upcoming EOL, with long lead times, or that have more affordable substitutes

Mechanical design review

Fixing possible issues with mechanics or assembly, reducing tooling costs

Mechanical design review

Custom components refinement

Replacing catalog modules, such as cameras, displays or antennas to custom-made ones, with better price and performance

Custom components refinement
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