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DANNIE.CC has carried out a unique experiment

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Android development is clear, simple and straightforward. Still we often receive requests from the customers for a device that has the connectivity features of a mobile platform (4G, WI-FI, GPS, etc.), but running on Linux to provide better support for different software, neural network tools or for security reasons. So we dared to take a shot - to run a Linux on our own hardware platform QQmb.

It would seem like a common practice for developers, if it weren't for a simple thing - the Mediatek and the community don't support this scenario case. We might be the first to venture such an experiment on this chipset.

Of course, it takes more effort to reveal the full potential of such synergy, but as a result of our first such experiment, there is already a clear answer: yes, we can develop a final product in case of specific requests from our customers.

A photo of this experiment can be seen here:


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