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DANNIE.CC presents the first version of the remote device management interface

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Let's break down the main tools and features.

1. Console

Our console is about ease of use and a clear interface. Even untrained users can easily configure and monitor remote devices. It will be impossible to configure or "accidentally" disable thousands of devices. Restriction of user's actions is a kind of security system.

2. Directory

Data about all connected devices are stored in one place. Data such as IMEI, name, address, installation point, etc. are available. Even if it's a fleet of several hundred thousand devices - the directory will save absolutely everything.

3. Configuration Management

Manage all device settings remotely solves countless problems. It lets you change the settings of a device to suit your needs.

4. Screen management

Perhaps the most obvious feature that is available with remote control.

A feature that allows direct control of device screens, access to photo and video images or live viewing of the device's screen.

Globally, the implementation of all of these features will allow you to scale fleets of diverse devices, saving resources and money.


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