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DANNIE.CC Sales Director Evren Koca's talk on the ''Industry Leaders Directing Production'' program on ST Industry Radio.

Here are excerpts from the interview given by our Sales Director, Evren Kocan, to ST Industry Radio. Listen to the full interview here.

BÖ: Is there a special reason for your establishment in the Antalya region?

EK: We aim to bring Turkey's potential for development in the electronics sector to Antalya. When compared to major cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, Antalya's underdevelopment in the electronic field presents us with an opportunity. Having spent the last 15 years in Ankara, I used to primarily perceive Antalya as a tourism destination. However, now I've come to realize that conducting business here offers numerous advantages. Factors such as the effective business life, transportation facilities, and having two international airports make Antalya a valuable addition to the business world.

BÖ: Can you talk about your journey in developing new products according to customer demand in the electronics sector?

EK: Product development in the electronics sector is relatively weak in Turkey. Companies often focus on the local market and compromise on quality. More of them don't collaborate with global brands or utilize the latest technologies. A similar situation exists in the software sector, where companies work with unlicensed programs and have incomplete software development processes. Our approach is entirely different. At DANNIE.CC, we prioritize developing products that align with our customers' demands and adhere to global standards, utilizing the latest technologies. Our software team is supported by licensed tools, and we share all development documents with our customers. Our production process is carried out with top-notch equipment, aiming to maximize customer satisfaction and product quality.

BÖ: What your main differentiation from your competitors?

EK: We provide services in all areas except the military and defense sectors. In all our projects, we provide document transfer. We do not have any own products, nor will we. Instead, we specialize in designing and producing custom products based on our customers' specific requirements. Simply tell us what kind of product you need, and our team will handle software, hardware, design, and production to deliver the final product to you.


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