Computer vision system

Computer vision systems

Custom video stream analysis solution


Мощный AI-ускоритель
на борту

Effective real-time video stream analysis solution

Powerful native AI accelerator

The camera uses high-tech neural networks to send to the server the necessary marked-up video fragments of the requested script

Reduced traffic costs

Supports 4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB, Serial communication, CAN


Cost-effective power consumption starting from 2 W, can be integrated into various hardware

Energy efficient and dense

Key solutions

MediaTek / Qualcomm / Ingenic

DANNIE uses chipsets from such internationally respected market leaders as MediaTek, Qualcomm and Ingenic


Various application scenarios through a wide range of hardware modules: 2-20MP cameras, (field of view up to 360°), 3D-vision and night vision, diverse measurement sensors

Dedicated cloud IoT platform

Tools for video stream and archive processing, event handling, integration into external systems, monitoring, remote maintenance and software updating.
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Multidimensional analytics to optimize a variety of business processes

Commercial vehicles

Tracking the road and driver


Robust, complex indoor and outdoor security system


Capacity control for storage space optimisation