Данные на Touch Pad

Trackers and sensors

Stand-alone monitoring solution

Location tracking and status monitoring


Our tracker is not only a location system. It provides monitoring functions for external systems via digital and analog inputs.

Advanced tracking

The turnkey application for operations control centre provides trackers data processing via a user-friendly interface from any location

Monitoring application

Advanced components and flexible mode control provide years of battery life.

Energy efficiency

Remote configurability enables you to manage communication schedules, make dynamic mode changes and set event handling rules

Behaviour management

Key solutions

Ambiq / Sony / Bosch

DANNIE uses top market leaders solutions

Various hardware configurations

The device can be equipped with GPS, accelerometer, 2G/3G/LTE, Bluetooth and other sensors and interfaces for various tasks

Dedicated cloud IoT platform

Tools for data management, software configuration, integration with external systems, remote maintenance and software updating



The refrigeration and vending equipment performance monitoring


Monitoring of autonomous field machinery, warehouse equipment, etc.


Production equipment monitoring


Transport, workers and special equipment geolocation