Sergey Zorin took part in the conference "Best Practices of Electronics Contract Manufacturing"

On June 17, Coin Event Hall hosted a conference on contract manufacturing issues. The organizer of the event was the Electronics Developers and Manufacturers Association (EDMA).

The purpose of the conference is to exchange experience and practical advice on various aspects of electronics manufacturing: manufacturing process management, subtleties of interactions with customers, human resources management, etc. EDMA plans to issue recommendations to help contract manufacturers and customers to improve the efficiency of collaboration.

DANNIE Founder Sergey Zorin made a presentation on the topic “Buying machines or looking for a contractor? Why are manufacturers doing vertical integration and how does it end?"

“We see ourselves as a vertically integrated contractor,” Sergey explained with the participants. “We are engaged in development, production, procurement, procurement, testing and we see that it is in demand by our customers. At the same time, we try to build our own ecosystem. As we integrate vertically, we understand that it is important to have contractors and it is necessary to build an ecosystem around our knowledge.”

According to Ivan Pokrovsky, Executive Director of EDMA, such events are planned to be held annually to exchange knowledge and increase the maturity of contract manufacturing processes.