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DANNIE.CC's Production and Business Management

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

An in-house process service is essential for the effective development of contract manufacturing. This is particularly acute with the increasing complexity of the projects and the risks involved.

"We have mapped out four focus areas: development of the design documentation accounting system, design documentation revision, analysis of our designs and customers' products for compliance with DFM requirements, and development of tooling and methodologies for product testing", says Alexander Panov, Functional Manager.

The DFM is the main focus area that can benefit our customers. It seems to me that the industry still pays little attention to the pre-production phase to facilitate series production. For the most part, the common practice is to make expensive, one-off items. If we expect the product to be competitive, we have to ensure a fast and efficient manufacturing process with the maximum output of accepted products without additional redesigns. The special thing about DANNIE.CC is that not only can we combine our own accumulated experience and the experience of our contractors, but our engineers can also make any necessary adjustments in the pre-production phase. Whether it is improving board topology, improving casting or mechanical processing of components, or improving overall product design.

DANNIE.CC is launching several major projects, on which the new approach will be tested.

"Hopefully, it will be a good example of how production costs can be reduced through thorough pre-production preparation," says A. Panov.


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