DANNIE group and Baikal Electronics have signed a cooperation agreement

On 4 October, 2021, within the framework of Microelectronics Forum 2021, a cooperation agreement between electronics design center DANNIE group and Baikal Electronics, a Russian developer of Baikal CPUs, was signed.

Oleg Gitin, the General Director of DANNIE, and Andrey Evdokimov, the General Director of Baikal Electronics, signed the agreement.

"The partnership with Baikal Electronics opens up new opportunities and prospects to promote Baikal CPUs to all the customers worldwide. Today we have taken an important step toward the development of international cooperation between our companies", said Oleg Gitin, General Director of DANNIE.

Andrey Evdokimov, General Director of Baikal Electronics, noted: "Baikal Electronics sets itself the task to create a complete partnership ecosystem, which will allow to carry out fast and effective import substitution in computing. Independent design centers are a critical element of such ecosystem. Their task is to become competence centers in the development of devices powered by Baikal CPUs, which will allow them to provide design services to a large number of leading manufacturers of computing equipment. Baikal Electronics for its part provides maximum support to design centers both in terms of vendor consulting and in terms of searching of customers. So far, we have concluded a cooperation agreement with four design centers, and that is far from the final number."

For reference:

DANNIE group is an independent electronics design center, which is one of the four official Baikal design centers and the only one with the experience in developing server motherboards.