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DANNIE.CC participated in Productronica 2023

Updated: Jan 10

DANNIE.CC showcased its new products at the Productronica stand; provided active collaboration between its teams from Türkiye and Lithuania, and marked the beginning of a potential strategic alliance with FUJI Europe!

Every two years, the world of electronics production meets in Munich. Exhibitors and visitors from all over the world come to the most important meeting place and source of inspiration for the industry. Beyond being a platform for showcasing new products, Productronica 2023 served as a hub for team building and partnership with giant companies.

DANNIE.CC exhibited the most successful projects at the Productronica, including Computer Vision/Edge AI camera tracking systems, Battery Management System project for alternative energy storage, smart POS devices, PLC controllers, SMART IoT solutions, and Industrial Computers.

DANNIE.CC's partnership with Fuji Europe took center stage at our exhibition participation. Sergey Zorin, Founder and Stefan Janssen, Managing Director Fuji Europe, sealed a handshake agreement regarding the arrival of two FUJI SMT lines in Antalya shortly.

Another highlight of DANNIE.CC's presence at Productronica 2023 was the dynamic team building between its teams from Türkiye and Lithuania. This teamwork not only bridged geographical distances but also established connections that propel the company forward.

"Productronica 2023 left only the best impressions. The exhibition was more than just a trade fair for DANNIE.CC; it was a transformative experience—a journey of collaboration, innovation, strategic partnerships, and a keen interest in the showcased products and our company," said S. Zorin, Co-founder of DANNIE.CC


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