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DANNIE.CC opened the brand new PCBA Production Facility in Antalya

DANNIE.CC, announced the grand opening of its new PCBA facility in Antalya. The momentous occasion was marked by a day of celebration, during which visitors were treated to an exclusive tour, sharing invaluable insights into the production process.

This brand new facility represents a significant milestone for DANNIE.CC and meets the growing demand of PCB solutions in the EMS market. Also, this event underscores the company commitment to transparency and collaboration with clients, partners, and associates.

DANNIE.CC takes great pride in setting an example of openness in the EMS market.

"The opening of our brand-new production facility serves as a tangible demonstration of our commitment to transparency. We empower our clients by granting them full access and control over all their project documentation, allowing them to actively participate in every stage of their projects. By fostering relationships built on trust we firmly believe that such relationships are the foundation of long-term success,’’ said Evren Koca, Head of Sales DANNIE.CC.

DANNIE.CC’s extending heartfelt gratitude to all who joined in celebrating the grand opening of the Antalya production facility. Your support and partnership have been invaluable on this journey. Let's collaborate, innovate, and together, make a positive impact on the world around us.


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