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DANNIE.CC, an electronics developer, is on par with industry giants such as Microsoft, Intel and IBM

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

The company has taken an important step toward open-source development. As part of the OpenBMC project (Open Board Management Controller), the company has developed a server management controller in the OCP RunBMC format of the mezzanine board and has begun active work on adapting the project to domestic computing platforms. DANNIE.CC has joined the OpenBMC project community as an official member. The goal of the project is to create an open source implementation of the controller firmware stack for control boards.

This community is valuable because of the open information on developments and ready-made solutions in the field of open-source projects. Only a few of the local organizations that have officially joined the community are willing to share their experience for free.

DANNIE.CC development team considers such actions as a global mission. “Everyone has their own way of making the world a better place - someone takes amazing photos, runs educational programmes, or writes books”, explains Alisa, a computing team lead. “And software developers create and develop open source products. It's a special thrill when your developments help someone launch their product or make someone's life easier. We are actively using the solutions of global corporations, and we also want to do our bit”.

DANNIE.CC plans to make a public announcement about its developments on the platform by the spring of 2022.


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