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DANNIE.CC presented the OCP RunBMC daughterboard at the Global Summit.

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

On 9-10 November 2021, the annual OCP Global Summit was held in Silicon Valley, the centre of technology and innovation, San Jose, California. The 2021 Summit Theme is Open Possibilities.

The event aims to develop, promote and support the open hardware ecosystem for data centers, as well as to develop the telecommunications industry, OCP and EDGE server infrastructure. More than 3,000 key decision makers, executives, engineers, developers and suppliers attended the conference.

During the event DANNIE.CC presented its in-house OCP RunBMC daughterboard, a server management controller based on the ASPEED AST2500 dedicated SoC (System on the Chip):

The controller is designed for remote server administration and monitoring (regardless of the main server motherboard) based on Intel and ARM platforms. The board uses the OpenBMC firmware. DANNIE.CC focuses on adaptation and improvement of OpenBMC firmware for specific platforms and specific customer needs, such as improving monitoring functionality for specific server hardware, WEB-interface and and logging capabilities.

"The release of a BMC module designed to open standards is our first step toward supporting the open architecture communities. We have long been active members and contributors to various open source software projects. Now we have started to move towards open source hardware communities as well. This will allow us to introduce our products to the global market'', says Sergey Zorin, DANNIE.CC's Founder.


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