Interactive panels

Interactive Panels

Complex solutions for interactive displays, vending and content visualisation


Business applications installation and content download through the web interface

Remote control

Through remote desktop, log collection, updates downloading, console access via the web application

Reduced maintenance costs

Data collection and metrics processing solution, audience traffic and profile analysis with built-in camera and AI accelerator

Analytics for business

Our Android app provides data synchronization with the cloud: uploads directories to the device, collects analytics data from apps and sends to the server, and facilitates the work with external devices

Easy custom applications development

Key solutions


DANNIE uses a advanced MediaTek mobile chipset (8 cores, high performance graphics, LTE, GPS, WI-FI, BT)

Cloud IoT platform

Device pool management, content uploads, analytics, remote maintenance and integration tools.

Various hardware configurations

Wide range of displays and expansion modules with various interfaces (USB, Ethernet, RS485, etc.)

Digital Signage Application

A turnkey solution for commercials, ads, presentations on a set schedule



Interactive panel

Capacitive multi-touch display for GUI interaction


The showcase, device management, operation with payment terminals, printer, barcode scanner

Digital Signage

Advertising and informing

Operator desk

The PC alternative to a workplace equipping in manufacturing or services

Hardware management

Built-in touch display with user-friendly interface